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T'ang Haywen

From October 14th to 30th, Gao’s Gallery Beijing will open a special exhibition for the great Chinese-French artist T’ang Haywen, « The Sea Of Ink And The Heart Of Intelligence ».

The moments accumulated in the sea of ink capture the joy of his loneliness and reveal the depth of his cultural heart.

Possibility and Echo

Gao’s Gallery Taiyuan will present a number of representative works by emerging Chinese contemporary artists on 20 October, showcasing a number of works that are contemporary, critical, philosophical and artistically promising.

October in Xiamen

Gao’s Gallery will be travelling again to meet you at Art Xiamen 2023,from October 26th to 29th.

We will be bringing over a dozen original paintings by masters of modern and contemporary art from home and abroad, including Chinese-French artists Chu Teh-Chun and Zao Wou-Ki, also MadC, the goddess of contemporary urban art etc, to the audience.

During the exhibition, Dr Gao will also give a lecture on « 100 Years of Chinese and French Art » for collectors and art lovers at October 27th.


Cette artiste allemande prolifique a travaillé dans plus de 35 pays, elle détient le record de la plus grande fresque réalisé par un seul artiste, le « 700-Wall », la couleur et l’abstrait sont au coeur de son travail depuis des années.

Robert Combas

Robert Combas, exorcise les drames de l’histoire en les interprétant de son écriture poétique et humoristique, il décrypte le monde, l’embellit ou le noircit à sa guise, il nous emmène dans une incroyable aventure colorée et musicale.